Two bright spots in an uncertain election

As we await the results of the presidential election, I want to call your attention to two bright spots for health care that are worth celebrating.


  • The first is a victory for rural health care. Last night, the people of Sonoma County, Calif., voted to give our affiliate, NorCal Health Connect, the right to purchase two public district hospitals, Petaluma Valley Hospital and Healdsburg District Hospital. This is a tremendous show of support from the community for preserving and expanding access to rural health care.

  • The second is a win in Oregon where voters approved a ballot measure to strengthen the community safety net. A new tobacco tax will help fund Medicaid and other essential programs that are a lifeline for many throughout the state. Thank you to our caregivers in Oregon for your leadership and engagement on this important issue.

While the results of the White House race remain unclear at this hour, what is certain is that Providence's healing Mission will endure no matter what the outcome. As we have for more than 160 years, we will continue to stay the course and work collaboratively with both parties to meet the health care needs of our communities.

Our Mission calls everyone at Providence to serve together in unity and lean into our values, continuing to treat one another with love, respect, compassion and civility no matter what our political views.

I know many of us are feeling unsettled by the uncertainty and polarization of the elections. To the caregivers of Providence, I ask that you please check in with one another, and take good care of yourselves as well. Providence offers several free mental health and well-being resources, such as confidential telebehavioral health. If you need this support, I hope you’ll take advantage of the programs we have available.

Let me close by acknowledging the record-breaking voter turnout this year. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Vote for Health campaign and encouraged people in our communities to make their voice heard. It’s inspiring to see our democracy in action.

Rod Hochman, M.D.


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