Let's put health care over politics

It's time for a bipartisan approach to health care. That's why Providence St. Joseph Health is proud to join the United States of Care, a group of diverse organizations that have come together to make the American health care system better for everyone.

Together, we're taking a stand on three basic principles that many Americans agree on regardless of political affiliation:

  1. Every American should have access to a regular source of health care for themselves and their families.
  2. All Americans should be protected from financial devastation due to illness or injury.
  3. Policies to achieve these aims must be economically responsible and win the political support needed to ensure long-term stability.

With the polarized climate in Washington, D.C., we don't expect a lot of answers to come from the federal level any time soon. Instead, we believe many of the solutions already exist in the states and can be brought to scale across the country.

Providence St. Joseph Health is excited to be part of this important movement. I invite all of you to learn more and get involved by checking out these resources:

Rod Hochman
Rod Hochman, M.D.