Guatemala relief: Dollar-for-dollar matching donation

At Providence St. Joseph Health, the people of Guatemala have a very special place in our hearts. More than 1,000 of our caregivers have traveled to the country over the last five years to volunteer in clinics, villages and schools as part of our Global Partnerships Program. 

The people we meet and serve on these trips are an incredible source of inspiration for us in terms of the joy, generosity and love they emanate despite living in adverse, impoverished conditions. That’s why it struck such a deep chord across our organization when we heard about the deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala recently. 

We’ve received many emails from concerned caregivers, so I want to update you on the situation and what we’re doing to help. First, our in-country partners and colleagues are all safe. However, the devastation is tremendous. Many affected villages have not been reached, and the rainy season has made it even more precarious.

Catholic Relief Services is on the ground actively working on intermediate relief efforts. We’ve set up a microsite for caregivers who wish to donate to CRS’s response to the eruption. A dollar-for-dollar match will be made up to $25,000 thanks to support from the St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund.

Thank you for your generosity and for continuing to keep the people of Guatemala in your hearts especially during this unimaginably trying time.

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Photo credit: Catholic Relief Services

Rod Hochman
Rod Hochman, M.D.


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