George Floyd: At Providence, our values call us to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable

Like many of you, the video of George Floyd, killed in broad daylight, is seared in my mind. It’s impossible to witness the brutal murder of a defenseless man and remain silent.

In fact, at Providence, our values explicitly call us to “speak the truth with courage” and “stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable, working to remove the causes of oppression and promoting justice for all.”

It is time for greater accountability, for those who committed the crime, as well as the larger system that allows senseless tragedies like this one to occur over and over again.

At this moment in history, the disparities that exist in our country are on full display. We see vulnerable populations being hit hardest by COVID-19, both in terms of the virus itself and the economic fall-out associated with it. And now with the events in Minneapolis, we are reminded that we have a long way to go to end hate and institutional racism.

Tensions are running high, and we pray for peace and the safety of everyone. With people on edge and in despair, I thank the caregivers of Providence for continuing to live our values and being a beacon of hope and healing at a time when our communities so desperately need it.

Rod Hochman, M.D.


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