14 health systems unite to save lives with data

When Providence established our vision of Health for a Better World, we knew data was key to the future of health and medicine. Health care providers across the country maintain and protect copious records, serving as the custodians of vital health information. 

When deidentified and securely aggregated, data at scale can produce valuable insights that have the potential to revolutionize the way we prevent, treat and cure disease. Toward that end, Providence has been working to build a coalition of the nation’s major health care providers, with the goal of bringing our deidentified data together onto one secure platform.

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that multiple leading health systems are joining with us to form a new data consortium, named Truveta. The 14 health systems include:

  • AdventHealth
  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • Baptist Health of Northeast Florida
  • Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • CommonSpirit Health
  • Hawaii Pacific Health
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Memorial Hermann Health System
  • Northwell Health
  • Novant Health
  • Providence
  • Sentara Healthcare
  • Tenet Health
  • Trinity Health

Truveta is in the early stages, and there is much work to do to begin building our collective platform. This endeavor will require world-class engineering talent, and we’re thrilled that Terry Myerson, a former executive vice president of Microsoft, has agreed to lead the charge. In his 21 years at Microsoft, Terry oversaw the development of Windows, Xbox, Surface and the early days of Office 365. He and his team will bring the expertise needed to make Truveta’s bold vision – saving lives with data – a reality.

As we have seen with COVID-19, data insights cannot come fast enough. They are essential for quickly understanding new viruses and other diseases, so we can rapidly develop therapeutics, vaccines and best practices. And with the imperative to achieve health equity in our communities, a diverse and comprehensive data set will help us better address the disparities that exist in health outcomes today.

The time is now for the health care community to step up and lead the way. Big tech companies and even foreign entities are vying for access to patient data. As health care providers, it is one of our highest duties to safeguard the personal health information that patients entrust to us. Truveta is our answer to putting those safeguards in place so that we can ensure that privacy is paramount, that health information is scrupulously and securely deidentified, and that data is used for the express purpose of the common good.

We’ll share more updates with you as Truveta takes shape. In the meantime, you can learn more by reading our news release and FAQ.

Rod Hochman, M.D.


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